Parkland Shooting Recreated in UNSETTLING Test

Photo by kyo azuma on Unsplash

( – On Friday, a reenactment of the Parkland shooting will take place as part of the lawsuit filed by the families of the victims.

As part of the test at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, ballistic experts are going to fire a maximum of 139 shots in the three-story building. The test is going to be included in the civil lawsuit filed against Scot Peterson, the then-assigned school deputy, and the Broward Sheriff’s Office, which had employed him.

The reenactment will include real ammunition that is going to be fired from the same spot where Nikolas Cruz, the gunman in the shooting, stood. An identical AR-15-style semi-automatic rifle is going to be part of the test, while a safety device is going to catch the bullets being shot. The reenactment is meant to help determine what Peterson would have heard during the attack.

The families claim that Peterson knew where Cruz was located on the day but that he had chosen to retreat out of fear instead of doing his duty. Peterson, however, has argued that he was unable to determine where the shooter was located because of the echoes created by the bullet noise.

In June, Peterson was acquitted in a separate trial where he faced several charges, including felony child neglect. However, a civil lawsuit has a lower burden of proof threshold.

On Thursday, Peterson’s attorney, Michael Piper Peterson, told Newsweek that Peterson had been found not guilty of criminal charges by a jury. He added that in that case, several witnesses had given their views of where the shooter had been pointing at several different locations. These testimonies helped the jury acquit his client.

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