Parent’s Plea on TikTok – The Harsh Reality Faced by Children

Photo by Ben Wicks on Unsplash

( – Jessica McCabe, a mother from Alabama, took to TikTok to express her recent worries and frustrations about the social and economic reality that her two adult children, millennials and Gen Z, were facing.

Her TikTok rant received a lot of backlash, and it also led to McCabe being invited on “Fox & Friends,” where she got the chance to defend her position. As she argued, times have changed and things are no longer as they were in 1988. As she pointed out, it was time for parents to realize that there were changes to the economy and that there were constant changes in prices and inflation. She added that recently wages have not been able to keep up with how inflation has risen and that it was time for them to listen to their children.

Since its posting, her video has received over 11 million views. As she said, her youngest is 25 and her oldest is 28, and while she believed that the things she taught them about hard work had worked for her, they do not seem to work for him because of the changing circumstances in the world.

She proceeded to argue that while struggling can be a part of life, it seems like younger generations have no chance of achieving the American dream.

As she said during “Fox & Friends,” her video was made after she had gone with one of her children to look at houses he could afford to rent, only to realize that at least half of those places should have been “condemned.” She added that the other ones were four times more expensive.

She added that this is particularly frustrating as he has graduated from college and his first job was only $19 per hour. Since then, he has received a raise, going up to $22 an hour.

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