Palestinian Activists Target Miss Universe Judge

Photo by Ömer Yıldız on Unsplash

( – A judge of the Miss Universe competition has said that she has received multiple death threats following her recent disagreement with a Palestinian activist on air about the Israel-Hamas war in Gaza.

Jewish journalist Emily Austin, who is involved in activism for Israel, appeared on “Piers Morgan Uncensored” on October 24 where she talked about the war. However, Austin quickly got into a verbal altercation with anti-Israel activist Nerdeen Kiswani who doubted the intel that alleged that the al-Ahli Baptist Hospital blast in Gaza City was the result of a failed rocket launch from the Islamic Jihad.

Austin proceeded to ask Kiswani whether she condemned the 9/11 attack, which resulted in the Palestinian activist getting upset and pointing out that this was a “ridiculous” question.

During the entire conversation, Kiswani repeatedly asked Piers Morgan why he was not the one to ask the questions. She also referred to Austin as a “genocide denier.” However, later in the night, she denied this moniker claiming to be “child’s play.”

Austin proceeded to tell Fox News Digital that she had attempted to remain unemotional and neutral during the interaction, but that Kiswani had instigated the online harassment against her by posting a photo of her with an arrow above her head, marking her as the bounty. She then claimed that this action was not “so funny.”

Kiwswani who is the leader of New York-based radical group Within Our Lifetime-United for Palestine (WOL) had previously called for “Zionists to be removed from community spaces” and has argued that Israel needed to cease to exist.

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