One State Prepares To Separate From The U.S.

Photo by iStrfry , Marcus on Unsplash

( – Supporters of Texas’ separation from the United States are nearing a significant milestone in their campaign. The Texas Republican Party’s executive committee is preparing to decide on proposed ballot measures for the Republican primary in March 2024. Among these is a proposition asking Republican voters whether Texas should reclaim its independence as a nation.

The Texas Nationalist Movement, a group championing Texas’ departure from the U.S., has informed the GOP of their success in gathering sufficient signatures to mandate a vote on the secession issue.

The concept of Texas secession has long been advocated by Texas nationalists, despite the absence of a legal framework for state secession in the U.S. Constitution. Texas’ history includes its independence from Mexico in 1836, a period as an independent nation before joining the U.S., and a brief secession during the Civil War before rejoining in 1870.

The movement initiated a petition campaign under the Texas Election Code, which allows voters to introduce a question on a party’s primary ballot through signatures. By gathering 97,709 signatures and submitting them by the specified deadline, the group aims to bypass the standard ballot proposition process and directly place the secession question on the ballot.

Even if this secession query is approved in the primary, it would not legally sanction Texas’ secession from the U.S. However, it represents a significant triumph for secession proponents, whose views are often considered marginal and unlikely to prevail in a general election.

The proposed ballot question is advisory, allowing Republican voters to express their opinion on Texas becoming an independent nation. The movement argues that including this question doesn’t imply endorsement of secession but rather acknowledges the importance of diverse perspectives within the party.

The push for a secession vote coincides with Texas experiencing significant political changes. Traditional Republican strongholds in cities and suburbs are increasingly leaning Democratic, as evidenced by President Joe Biden’s success in the 2020 election in areas around Austin and Dallas. This shift, coupled with internal conflicts within the Texas GOP and narrowing margins, raises questions about the state’s political trajectory.

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