NYC Mayor Overwhelmed With Migrants, Issues Executive Order

Anthony Quintano from Mount Laurel, United States, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – In a notable development, NY City Mayor Adams has initiated a new policy regarding the arrival of migrant buses. On a recent Wednesday, he enacted an order requiring charter bus companies transporting migrants to notify NYC 32 hours prior to their arrival.

The order stipulates that migrant buses are only permitted to arrive between 8:30 in the morning. and 12:00 noon, Mon through Fri, and must utilize a city-designated drop-off point, as reported by ABC7NY.

This decision was triggered by an event on Tuesday night. Texas Governor Greg Abbott had organized a flight for around 180 migrants to Kennedy Airport from El Paso, Texas. Due to adverse weather, the flight was redirected to Philadelphia, and the migrants were subsequently bused to NYC’s Port Authority around 12:30 a.m. on Wednesday. This action is seen as part of Abbott’s broader plan to relocate asylum seekers to major cities.

The new order carries legal consequences for non-compliance, including a class B misdemeanor charge, fines, or bus impoundment. Mayor Adams has urged bus operators to comply with the specified hours and to avoid involvement in Governor Abbott’s activities.

Adams has clarified that this order is intended to regulate transportation providers, not to penalize the asylum seekers aboard the buses.

This issue is not confined to New York City. Governor Abbott’s office has also been active in sending migrants to other cities, including over 120 migrants to Chicago the previous week. The mayors of Denver and Chicago joined Adams in a virtual discussion on this matter.

With a significant influx of asylum seekers in New York City, Mayor Adams emphasized the need for support and his determination to find solutions in the absence of adequate aid from Washington, D.C., and Albany. He stated his commitment to addressing the situation, highlighting his responsibility as mayor to find solutions, regardless of the level of external assistance.

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