No More FAILURE – Schools ALLOWING This!

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

( – In Portland, Oregon students could be able to get away without doing their assignments or by cheating if the new “equitable grading practices” are implemented by Portland Public Schools. The new practice would require several changes to be made to the grading structure and would stop students from receiving failing grades for work they did not complete or that they cheated on. Student’s homework and behavior, participation, and other non-academic factors are also not going to be graded.

Heritage Foundation education fellow Jonathan Butcher stated that not giving a student a low mark if that is what their work deserves is harmful to the child. He added that it was harmful to students if they were able to pass them without ever requiring the student to show that they had completed all of the assigned work.

This new policy would in large part be influenced by the grading practices that some school districts in the state had implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic which helped accommodate for the inequalities in how accessible instruction and the school curriculum were at the time.

Butcher however argued that especially considering how low the math and reading scores are following the pandemic it is “sad” that a school district would be willing to implement such a low expectation policy that is going to harm students by not holding them accountable for their work and behavior.

The Washington Free Beacon reported that these grading practices are currently being workshopped and it is expected that the district will implement them by 2025.

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