New York Suing Major Soda Brand

Photo by Thomas Habr on Unsplash

( – New York Attorney General Letitia James filed a lawsuit on behalf of the state of New York against PepsiCo in an attempt to hold the company responsible for the litter that ended up in the Buffalo River polluting the city of Buffalo’s water streams and drinking water.

In the lawsuit filed in the state Supreme Court, James states that the company and its Frito-Lay subsidiaries have created a public nuisance through the production of multiple plastic wrappers and bottles, many of which end up discarded into the Buffalo River. In the lawsuit, it is argued that simply through the production of a lot of plastic the company was hurting the environment.

James in a statement noted that no company was too large to ensure that the products they were creating were not causing harm to the environment and public health. She added that all the people in New York had the right to access clean drinking water, but that the supply of water was being threatened by the company’s irresponsible packaging.

In their statement PepsiCo noted that they were serious about reducing plastic and recycling, however, they did not directly address any of the points in the lawsuit about their responsibility in keeping the Buffalo River free from plastic garbage.

The company which has its headquarters in New York, produces 25 different snack products and more than 85 different beverages, the majority of which come in single-use plastic that is usually tossed out but can also be recycled.

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