National Anthem BANNED – Video From Capitol Hill!

Photo by Dave Sherrill on Unsplash

( – Video footage of the Rushingbrook Children’s Choir from Greenville being told by Capitol Police to stop singing has gone viral since its posting, amassing millions of views. The South Carolina-based choir was starting to sing the national anthem when a Capitol officer stopped them; however, according to the Capitol Police report, this was because of a “miscommunication” on May 26.

As the Capitol Police explained in their statement, they originally thought that the group had not received permission to perform in the Capitol. However, they were later informed that the performance had the approval of the Speaker’s Office.

David Rasbach, the choir director, and another choir leader were the ones to originally state that their performance was approved by the office of Speaker McCarthy, R-California, which was later confirmed by the office.

Rasbach told the Daily Signal that he was shocked to see that they would stop the national anthem from being sung. He added that he had received permission for this performance from three congressional offices.

As the video shows, the children had begun singing when a Capitol Police officer started speaking to two other men. One of those men proceeded to approach Rasbach. Seconds later, the choir director had the choir stop signing.

There were some Republicans who claimed that the Capitol Police had stopped the choir because of political bias. However, as they explained in their statement, all musical performances and demonstrations are not permitted in the United States Capitol. They added that in a previous situation, a Congressional staff member had lied about the children in a different choir having the right to perform their “rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner,” which had brought everyone to an awkward position.


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