MLB Team Blocks Flight Attendants For Not Being ‘White And Beautiful’

Photo by Alexander Schimmeck on Unsplash

( – Two United Airlines flight attendants have filed a lawsuit over being denied a position on a charter flight for the Dodgers, as the players preferred to have women serve them who were “white, young, and thin.”

In a statement to Reuters, United Airlines noted that the company does not have any tolerance for discrimination and that it has always tried to foster an inclusive environment. It added that they do not think there is any merit to the lawsuit, and they intended to defend themselves against this suit.

The two flight attendants have claimed that they refused the role because the players preferred to have women of a “certain look” on the flights. They further argued that their physical characteristics and race were used to discriminate against them, as 50-year-old Dawn Todd is black while 44-year-old Darby Quezada is of mixed Jewish, Mexican, and black descent.

The lawsuit was filed on Wednesday with the Los Angeles County Superior Court. The two have spoken in the suit about their experience working for the airline for a decade and a half. They also stated that they wanted damages for the discrimination they allegedly faced.

A spokesperson for the Dodgers has stated that the team was not included in the suit as a defendant and did not make any further comments regarding the lawsuit.

Previously, United Airlines had to settle a case that alleged that the company had preferred to hire “young, white, female, and predominantly blonde or blue-eyed” flight attendants. The new lawsuit cites the 2020 settlement and argues that things had once again changed in 2022 when the “dedicated crew” at United was filled with other white flight attendants.

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