Migrants Who Assaulted Cops Flee To Where?

Photo by Henning Witzel on Unsplash

(RestoreAmericanGlory.com) – In a recent incident that has drawn significant attention, four individuals, believed to be migrants, were implicated in an altercation involving two police officers in the vicinity of Times Square, New York City. According to reports from the New York Post, which cited an anonymous source from law enforcement, these individuals, identified as Darwin Andres Gomez and Kelvin Servita Arocha, both 19, Wilson Juarez, 21, and Yorman Reveron, 24, are suspected of having left New York City for California subsequent to the confrontation.

It is understood that these four individuals managed to board a bus destined for California last Wednesday. They are believed to have received assistance from a church-affiliated nonprofit organization that aids migrants in relocating from New York City, during which they allegedly provided false identities.

Following their apprehension and subsequent release without bail, the whereabouts of these individuals became a matter of concern. The New York Office of Court Administration (OCA) disclosed to Fox News Digital that it is currently unaware of their exact location, although there is an expectation for them to reappear in court as scheduled.

The altercation that brought these individuals into the spotlight occurred near the New Amsterdam theater, a spot frequently visited by tourists, and was captured on video. The footage shows a tense moment where NYPD officers, asking the group to move, ended up in a physical struggle with one of the individuals. The situation escalated as additional suspects joined in, assaulting the officers with kicks to the head and back.

The aftermath of the incident saw the officers sustaining minor injuries, with one officer receiving facial cuts and the other suffering from body bruises. The authorities have since charged the four individuals with multiple offenses, including assault on a police officer and obstructing governmental administration.

Further complicating matters, Yorman Reveron is also facing charges in separate cases involving alleged assaults and robbery. The incident has reignited discussions about the city’s handling of the recent influx of migrants and the broader implications for public safety and community relations.

This situation has prompted statements from local officials, including Staten Island Borough President Vito Fossella, who criticized the decision to release the suspects without immediate consequences, highlighting concerns over public safety and the treatment of criminal behavior within the community. The event underscores the challenges cities face in managing migrant influxes and the tensions that can arise in already strained public services and community dynamics.

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