Men Defeat Armed Robbers In Wild Video

Photo by Maxim Hopman on Unsplash

( – At 26 years of age, Ting Ye was reportedly driving at speeds approaching 100 miles per hour on a highway in Washington state when she lost control of her vehicle and swerved off the road, as per records from the Bellevue, Washington, Police Department obtained through a public records request.

In another incident captured by home security footage, a trio of friends in Washington successfully defended themselves against two armed intruders. The alarming videos circulating online show the assailants, wearing hoods and masks and carrying a rifle, forcing their way into a garage where the friends were sitting and socializing. The robbers demanded their possessions forcefully.

Initially passive, the men at the table, one clad in plaid pajamas and another in a bright blue hoodie, were suddenly struck by the gunman. This assault prompted them to fight back, tackling the assailants to the ground amidst a chaotic scene of tumbling furniture.

The confrontation continued outside, as indicated by the footage, where the friends managed to disarm their attackers. The video captures a frantic tussle, with glimpses of the skirmish moving in and out of the camera’s view. Ultimately, the assailants made an escape in a stolen white Mercedes-Benz, clumsily colliding with a parked vehicle in the process before reversing away.

A subsequent video reveals the victims, visibly shaken but unharmed, securing their garage with the captured rifle in hand.

The attempted robbery, which occurred on October 26, only came to light when the footage was posted online. A victim, referred to by the initials “QP” in legal documents seen by Fox News Digital, had observed a suspicious vehicle nearby earlier. Later, while relaxing in the garage, they were abruptly accosted by the two robbers.

Following a high-speed pursuit with the police, the suspects were apprehended in the stolen Mercedes. The suspects included a 16-year-old minor identified by the initials NG and Nicolas Acahua, who was later detained in Pierce County Jail on substantial bail.

Acahua, the man seen in pajamas with the gun in the video, faces multiple serious charges, including robbery and assault. Additionally, a third accomplice, driving the Mercedes, created a diversion by crashing into a vehicle in the driveway, resulting in significant property damage, before escaping with the others.

The victims handed over the loaded.22-caliber rifle belonging to the suspects to the authorities and reported only minor injuries from the ordeal.

The stolen Mercedes used in the getaway was located by the police on Interstate 5, leading to a chase at speeds of over 120 mph and ending with the suspects’ vehicle crashing. Acahua, with previous robbery convictions, along with the juvenile accomplice, were caught near the crash site. Notably, Acahua seemed to express a sense of pride over the events while being treated at the hospital, as noted in the court documents.


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