Major Investigation Launched Over Questionable School Principal

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

( – Western Heights School District (WHSD) in Oklahoma is currently under investigation after they hired a man charged with alleged child abuse crimes as a school principal. Shane Murnan, the man in question, faced the allegations more than 20 years earlier, but he had never been convicted of any crimes.

In June, the district hired Murnan to be the new John Glenn Elementary School principal. On their Facebook page at the time, the district made it clear that they were aware of the charges against Murnan.

A Payne County judge had originally tossed the case in 2002 because the prosecutors did not have sufficient proof that Murnan had in his possession child abuse material. At the time, Murnan had been working in a different Oklahoma district as a fifth-grade teacher. The case had been reversed at a later time through an appeal. According to an Oklahoman report from that time, Murnan’s record of charges was expunged, and the man continued to have a career as an educator. Murnan has more than two decades of experience.

Brayden Savage, the Western Heights Superintendent, stated that the news report from the time showed that the case had been dismissed and that the charges had been expunged. He added that following those charges, Murnan has continued to work as a school teacher and had his certificate renewed in 2023. His renewals were signed by Ryan Walters, the state superintendent.

He added that during the renewal, the State Department of Education would have conducted an additional felony background check before they renewed the certificate. He added that they were now looking into the case even further and that their focus is always on providing a safe learning environment for the students.

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