MAJOR Disrespect – Now He’s BEGGING For Forgiveness

Photo by Janne Simoes on Unsplash

( – Iam Tongi, an “American Idol” winner, has apologized for forgetting to remove his hat when singing the national anthem on Monday at the 2023 MLB Home Run Derby at T-Mobile Park in Seattle. Tongi won the 21st season of “American Idol” in May.

In the video that he uploaded on YouTube, he wrote that this was his first attempt at singing the national anthem and that he was very nervous to be singing in front of such a large audience. He also apologized, both for his nerves and for forgetting to take his hat off.
He also took to Twitter to state that when he walked out, his uncle had reminded him that he needed to take off his hat before he started singing, but with the nerves that came from being in front of tens of thousands of people, he forgot to do it. He added that he was going to do better next time.

Many fans supported Tongi and stated that it was great that he had performed the song so well. They also acknowledged and supported his response to the whole incident, arguing that he had still done very well despite the nerves.

A different commenter stated that his rendition had been very inspiring and that if he is nervous in the future, he could always have someone by him who will help adjust his outfit and fix his appearance before going on stage.

The “American Idol” competition has been facing some controversy after many people said that the show was “rigged” and that the only reason Tongi had won was because of his sob story about his father passing away.


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