Major Changes Coming To 2024 Election

Photo by Elliott Stallion on Unsplash

( – Following the 2020 presidential election, when the long ballot-counting process resulted in uncertainty over the results of the election for days, election officials are now intending to count votes much faster in 2024.

In many battleground states, there are new laws that were passed to facilitate faster counting and to ensure that the procedures are more efficiently carried out. Faster counting times will also mean that the race results are going to be called faster. This will lead to a shorter period in which there is uncertainty and misinformation about the results of the election, helping to avoid a situation like the one that occurred in 2020 when then-President Donald Trump used this time period to promote conspiracy theories about fraudulent voting and claim to have been the election victor.

Jocelyn Benson, the Democratic Michigan Secretary of State, noted that following the polls closing, they were going to remain laser focused until the announcement of the results. As she pointed out, if there is one thing they learned from the 2020 election, it is that in a period of uncertainty, there is the possibility for certain candidates to spread misinformation about the results of the election.

Some states have also been pushing for the process to start earlier, and there is an expected decline in mail voting from 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in many people avoiding using in-person voting. However, there are still many variations to the state-by-state counting procedures, and there are many key states, like Pennsylvania, where the processes still lag behind.

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