MAGA Issues Warning To Speaker Johnson

Photo by MIKE STOLL on Unsplash

( – On Wednesday, Steve Bannon, a former strategist for the White House warned that House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) was “on the clock” following the passing of a continuing resolution (CR).

During an episode on his podcast “Bannon’s War Room,” he argued that while he did not “mean to get on” Johnson, it would eventually happen because he was “on the clock” regardless of whether or not he had a biblical viewpoint.

Following the passing of the bill Bannon had taken to social media to slam its passing arguing that it “was a Surrender/Cave to the UniParty” and that there was no other way of viewing this bill. As he pointed out the only significant win was the fact that the supplemental funding for Ukraine was dropped. He added that Johnson only had “75 Days” to manage to bring victories for the conservative faction of the party.

On Tuesday the House passed in a 336-95 vote short-term funding measure before reaching the Friday funding deadline. In order for the bill to be passed Republicans had to rely on bipartisan support as many conservatives within the party had opposed the spending levels.

The bill is going to extend funding for the government until Jan. 19, while for certain programs and agencies funding will be extended through Feb. 2. The CR helps the government ensure that there is no omnibus spending bill at the end-of-year which the GOP does not tend to support.

However, the bill does not include any aid for Israel or Ukraine, which is something Johnson is looking to address next.

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