Kmart Forced To Pull ‘Awkward’ Christmas Bags

Photo by Tamanna Rumee on Unsplash

( – In Australia, Kmart has proceeded to remove one of their Christmas-themed drawstring bags from the stores’ shelves after many people stated that it resembled support for the Palestinian militant group Hamas.

The holiday bag, which cost $4, was meant to be used for storing ham in the fridge and featured many Christmas symbols and the words “Merry Ham-Mas!” The Australian Jewish Association (AJA) was the first group to slam Kmart over the merchandise, according to a report from The New York Post.

They also shared on X, formerly known as Twitter, a post about the bag stating that it was available at Kmart online and that it was “real.” They added that while this could be “potentially funny,” this was not a particularly good look for the company, and it would likely lead to “some embarrassment.” They added that they have written to the company to suggest that the product be removed from the holiday lineup.

Other users on social media also criticized the bag, while others stated that the criticisms about the bag were over the top. One user in particular claimed that this was “faux outrage” and that they were “really clutching at straws here.”

A different user on X stated that they were planning on writing to AJA to inform them that they did not get to make choices over what everyone else considers to be acceptable. He also noted that if someone does not like this bag, they should just not purchase it.


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