Judge Refuses To Let Trump Catch A Break

Photo by History in HD on Unsplash

(RestoreAmericanGlory.com) – In a courtroom drama that has riveted political circles, Donald Trump’s legal team sought an immediate, direct verdict in the civil lawsuit brought against the Trump Organization, following former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen’s testimony. Their request was promptly denied by Judge Arthur Engoron. The trial is a product of New York Attorney General Letitia James’ prolonged investigation into the business activities of the Trump Organization and the Trump family.

Cohen, who once proclaimed he would “take a bullet” for Trump, clarified during his testimony that Trump never explicitly instructed him to exaggerate his financial assets. This revelation led Trump’s attorney, Clifford Roberts, to conclude his questioning and request an instant verdict in favor of his client. Judge Engoron, however, denied this request summarily.

The case itself is an offshoot of allegations by AG James that Trump and his business empire engaged in “fraud and misrepresentation” in their financial dealings. She claims Trump inflated his net worth substantially with the complicity of his children. Last month, Judge Engoron ruled that Trump and the Trump Organization had committed fraud by misrepresenting asset values to banks, insurers, and others. Trump has consistently refuted these allegations, claiming instead that his assets have been undervalued.

Cohen did offer a nuanced clarification. While Trump never explicitly asked him to inflate financial figures, Cohen stated that Trump communicated in a manner akin to a “mob boss,” indirectly conveying what he wanted done. The defense chose not to cross-examine Cohen again and repeated their request for an immediate verdict. Engoron responded, stating that there was more than enough evidence to continue the trial.

Cohen, it should be noted, has a checkered past, having pleaded guilty in 2018 to campaign finance violations, false statements to Congress, and tax evasion. Trump has repeatedly denounced Cohen as a “proven liar.”

Outside the courtroom, political affairs continued to unfold. Trump lauded House Republicans for electing Rep. Mike Johnson as the new House Speaker, succeeding Kevin McCarthy. Trump claimed partial credit for Johnson’s ascent, stating that his influence helped tip the scales in Johnson’s favor.

In summary, the legal tug-of-war continues, and the civil trial against Trump and his organization is set to resume. While some revelations have come to light, the case is far from concluded, and the implications for Trump’s political future remain uncertain.

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