Judge Hits Jack Smith With Brutal Reality Check

Photo by Sebastian Pichler on Unsplash

(RestoreAmericanGlory.com) – Aileen Cannon, the judge presiding over the federal classified documents case against former President Donald Trump, recently reprimanded the prosecutors, including Special Counsel Jack Smith, for not complying with the requirements of the court.

On Friday, Cannon, who was appointed by, issued an order that appeared to reject a filing by Jay Bratt, a federal prosecutor. In the filing, Bratt has warned her not to be “manipulated” by Trump into accepting a delay in the trial.

Cannon, in the order, reminded the parties in the case that unless a court order has authorized it, any such notice should not exceed 200 words. It should also “not be used as a surreply absent leave of court.” The notice filed by the prosecutors had gone above the limit set by 23 words.

Cannon further warned that any future filings that were not compliant were going to be “stricken without further notice.” This note came only one day after the Department of Justice cautioned Cannon not to agree to delay the trial, which has been scheduled for May 2024, despite the attempts made by Trump. They further pointed out that Trump was also attempting to push to a later date the election interference federal trial, which is scheduled for March 2024.

Both of these cases are being brought forward by Smith’s team.

On Thursday, Smith’s team argued regarding the request to have the trial delayed, saying that Trump’s defense had “failed to disclose” that they were also attempting to delay the federal case in Washington, D.C. Instead, Trump’s legal team simply stated that the case needed to be delayed as it was going to conflict with the election interference trial.

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