Judge Gives Biden Exactly What He Wants

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(RestoreAmericanGlory.com) – In a recent legal development, a U.S. judge has decided against Texas in a dispute involving the state’s use of razor wire fencing along the Mexico border. The decision was made by U.S. District Judge Alia Moses, who declined Texas’ request to prevent federal authorities from removing the fencing. This fencing, located in Eagle Pass, Texas, has been a point of contention, with environmental groups and advocates for migrants expressing concern about injuries to migrants attempting to cross the Rio Grande River.

The state of Texas had initiated a lawsuit in October, accusing federal officials of damaging state property by cutting the wire and compromising the state’s border security measures. Judge Moses had previously indicated that Texas had a strong argument regarding the federal agents’ alleged violation of the state’s property rights. She acknowledged that the razor wire served as a deterrent against illegal activities such as unauthorized entry, drug trafficking, and human trafficking.

However, Judge Moses also recognized the importance of allowing border patrol agents to respond to emergencies, such as medical crises. In her latest ruling, she expressed that while the decision favored the federal government, it did not absolve them of responsibility for their actions. She commented on the complexities and frustrations surrounding the border situation and criticized the current immigration system as dysfunctional.

Judge Moses agreed with the federal government’s stance that the wire poses a barrier to law enforcement during emergencies, necessitating its removal in certain situations. She raised concerns, though, about the Border Patrol cutting the wire without notifying Texas, except in emergencies.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton expressed disappointment with the ruling and announced plans to appeal. He criticized the federal government’s approach to border control and vowed to continue opposing policies he perceives as threatening public safety.

This legal battle is part of ongoing tensions between Texas and the federal government over immigration policies, including a lawsuit filed by the Department of Justice against Texas Governor Greg Abbott in July regarding measures to prevent migrant crossings.

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