Jon Stewart Destroys Biden Like Never Before

Jim Greenhill from McLean, USA, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – In his return to “The Daily Show” following a nine-year absence, comedian Jon Stewart, 61, mocked both former President Donald Trump and President Biden arguing that both of the likely party nominees are “stretching the limits” of having the strength to handle the world’s “toughest job.” 

On Monday, Stewart received a warm welcome into the Comedy Central show. Stewart has been announced to host the show on Monday nights, while other hosts will be featured on the other weekdays. 

In his monologue, he quickly criticized Biden over his response to special counsel Robert Hur’s classified records report which included an assessment of the president’s cognitive ability and age. Stewart pointed out how Biden had been unable to recall things during his deposition, and questioned whether everyone understood what that meant. 

He added that while Biden has “lost a step,” former President Trump also made a number of remarks during his recent rallies that would “warrant a wellness check.” As he said in what appeared to be an exasperated manner the question was therefore” what the f‑‑‑ are we doing here, people?” 

He proceeded to say that the two presidential candidates, Biden who is 81, and Trump who is 77, are outside of the chronological norm for people who normally run for the White House. As he pointed out in the 2024 presidential election they would be breaking the record for the oldest people running for the White House, with the previous record having been set four years earlier by the same people. 

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