It’s CONFIRMED – Secret Service Tells ALL!

Photo by Tabrez Syed on Unsplash

( – The Secret Service confirmed on Wednesday that the material found in the White House over the past weekend was identified as cocaine. They further indicated that an ongoing investigation is being conducted to determine how the drug made its way into the presidential residence.

The discovery of the substance on Sunday led to a brief evacuation of the White House. The situation prompted an immediate response from the Secret Service’s Uniformed Division, which scrutinized the substance discovered in a workspace in the West Wing. The local D.C. Fire Department also responded to the event, quickly establishing the substance as “non-hazardous.” Further tests, however, identified the substance as cocaine.

The incident was addressed on Wednesday by White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, who confirmed that President Biden had been briefed on the matter. She expressed the administration’s trust in the Secret Service’s capacity to uncover the details of the event. It was revealed that a preliminary test had already hinted at the substance being cocaine before the final confirmation.

Jean-Pierre also drew attention to the fact that the West Wing had welcomed visitors on tours during the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday preceding the discovery. She mentioned that the area where the substance was found had seen a considerable number of guests. Despite this, she refrained from conjecturing who might have abandoned the narcotics there.

The discovered cocaine was located near the spot where guests embarking on West Wing tours were asked to leave their mobile devices before commencing their visit.

During the discovery of the substance, President Biden and his family were not in the White House, having previously departed for Camp David for the weekend. They were scheduled to return to the presidential residence on Tuesday.

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