Israel’s Latest Attack Sparks International Outrage

Photo by Taylor Brandon on Unsplash

( – International outrage was sparked following an Israeli strike which resulted in a fire in a displaced persons camp in Rafah. According to estimations around 200 people were wounded while 45 Palestinians were killed by the attack. 

Many people around the world have condemned Israel and its Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over the attack and the war efforts. Within Israel, many officials from both his party and outside it have been calling for an end to the war in Gaza, while the Prime Minister continues to expand his military campaign against Rafah. This is despite many of the country’s allies, including the United States calling for him to show restraint. 

Within Israel, the public is supportive of the Israeli military and their campaigns against Hamas which started after the Oct. 7 attack on Israel by Hamas. However, there is division regarding the conduct of war, which has been further exacerbated by the response to the strike in Rafah as images emerged of the dead children with their burned bodies. Some within Israel however have argued that the fault lies with Hamas as they were operating close to a civilian site. Still, there are also those who argue there needs to be an end to the carnage. 

On Tuesday there was a protest against the war at Jerusalem’s Hebrew University where Arab and Jewish students united in protesting against the attacks on Gaza. The previous night there had been similar protests that had broken out in Haifa, with the media reporting that around 100 people had been calling for an end to the military operations in Israel. 

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