INSANE Request – She REALLY Asked For This?!

Photo by Shardayyy Photography on Unsplash

( – A mother sought advice from the popular column. Ask Amy to find out whether she should ask her conservative brother for a cash gift after he was forbidden from attending the wedding of his liberal niece. Twitter users were quick to ridicule and mock the request, stating that this is what a “progressive Gen Z” was like, with others adding that they would also want someone else to repay their loans.

As the mother shared in her original advice request, four months before the wedding of her daughter, her daughter shared with her that if her uncle, Dave,” attended the wedding, she would feel unsafe. This is why she requested that her mother not invite him. The mother proceeded to explain that her daughter and many of her friends were politically progressive, while her brother was a conservative who had previously voted for candidates that they “all abhor.”

She added that Dave had not responded to the message and had also not attended the wedding. The mother then sent her brother photos from the event, but once again, her brother did not respond. The rest of her siblings were also angry with her mother for excluding Dave. This entire backstory was used to say that Dave had not sent her daughter a wedding gift when Dave was known for giving family members wedding checks of more than $1,000. Her daughter had also been expecting a similar gift but never received one.

The mother proceeded to say that her brother’s behavior was “upsetting and embarrassing to me.” People online were quick to rip the mother apart, stating that as the brother was never invited, he does not need to provide a gift.

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