Illegal Immigrant ASSAULTS Cop – He Bit Off WHAT?

Photo by Michael Förtsch on Unsplash

( – A man, aged 28, crashed into a police cruiser and three cars, leading to his detention on an array of counts last Wednesday. During his time in custody, it is reported that he bit a segment of a police official’s finger.

Officials noted that the man is without proper documentation and has mental challenges.

Authorities have pressed 10 distinct charges against Lenni Rodriguez-Cruz, who resides in Brooklyn.

On the eve of Wednesday, law enforcement attempted to halt a 2009 blue Nissan Altima. The vehicle had lapsed out-of-state tags that did not correspond to the car. Contrarily, the driver accelerated into Rufus King Park on Liberty Avenue, necessitating bystanders to evade the vehicle rapidly.

Later, Rodriguez-Cruz is believed to have maneuvered into oncoming lanes on Hillside Avenue, culminating in multiple collisions, including a collision with a police cruiser on the service lane of the Grand Central Parkway close to Parsons Boulevard.

Subsequent to the mishap, he was escorted to the 103rd Precinct. While there, he purportedly displayed aggressive behavior and assaulted the police official.

Among the charges presented are intending to inflict harm, physically assaulting an enforcement officer, harming an officer on duty, endangerment, avoiding a traffic stop, driving under influence, perilous driving, handling an unlisted vehicle, driving seemingly impaired, and declining an alcohol test.

Per the Daily News, Rodriguez-Cruz refuted the charges in a Friday hearing and is in custody with a bond fixed at $250,000.

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