Holy Controversy – Religious School Under FIRE!

Photo by Josh Eckstein on Unsplash

(RestoreAmericanGlory.com) – A father has been pushing the Church of England’s chief education officer to take action against the explicit and inappropriate sex education that has taken over his child’s religious school.

The parent, who has not been identified, spoke to Rev. Nigel Genders, calling for him to take charge after it was reported that in Norfolk, England, a religious school had been using materials that teach children from the age of 7 and up that they could have potentially been born in the wrong body. The legal battle against this is also aided by the Christian Legal Centre (CLC) in London, as reported by the Christian Post.

According to the reports, the materials being used not only covered these topics but also encouraged young students to take part in same-sex wedding simulations. The anonymous father was concerned about the curriculum, and he took his concerns both to the school and to an independent review board. However, neither of these addressed his worries.

The parents also turned to the Church of England, calling for them to take action and provide an explanation about why this curriculum was being used in the schools.
The report states that Genders, in his replies about the concerns expressed by the parent, pointed out that Schools have the right to choose their own curriculum regarding sex education lessons, and all their complaints should be references to the school. He added that the school was doing its best for its students with the curriculum they were selecting.

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