HIT List LEAKS – Guess Who’s On It?!

dante luna, CC BY 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

(RestoreAmericanGlory.com) – Democrat Boston Mayor Michelle Wu had come under fire after recently admitting that her administration had compiled a list that included all of her most vocal critics and had handed the list over to local authorities.

Ricardo Patron, Wu’s spokesman, told the Boston Herald that the creation of the list had been requested by the Boston Police Department following the multiple incidents of harassment and physical intimidation that occurred outside of Wu’s home, during city functions, and at public events. The administration acknowledged the compilation of the list after Wu’s opponents filed a public records request, which included an email that contained the list.

The list has led to many expressing concerns about Wu and her administration using their position to silence her opposition and critics. However, Patrol stated that the requested list was a result of the continuous harassment faced by Wu and her family, which most recently included them being harassed for 90 minutes during the Dorchester Day Parade.

After the Parade, Boston Police organized a meeting with City staff in order to organize a safer plan of action for Bunker Hill Day, which would take place around a week later.

Some of Wu’s critics have compared the compilation of her list to President Richard Nixon’s famous tactic of creating lists of all his political opponents. While Wu’s list includes names, there is no indication as to the reasoning behind each selection. There are also certain people who are not specifically named but rather have more generic references, such as “A woman with the last name of Thuy who was arrested before.”

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