High Schoolers Fight Back Against ‘Woke’ Movement

Photo by daniel james on Unsplash

(RestoreAmericanGlory.com) – On Tuesday, students from Monarch High School in Coconut Creek staged a walkout in protest of five school staffers being reassigned. Principal James Cecil, along with four others, was being reassigned following allegations that they had improperly allowed a transgender student to join the girl’s volleyball team.

NBC Miami caught the walkout with aerial footage, capturing the moment when hundreds of students walked out of the school’s classrooms and to the football field around noon. Many of the students had signs in support of transgender rights, while there were also students who were chanting slogans in support of transgender rights.

The demonstration occurred right after the reassignment, which had happened one day earlier. The case is also part of a Broward County official’s ongoing investigation, as the school is being investigated to determine whether or not the transgender student had indeed been allowed to compete on the girls’ volleyball team. If that had been the case, then the officials and school could have potentially been in violation of state law.

The nature of the allegations is not exactly clear yet; however, the district’s superintendent, Peter Licata, has confirmed that the reassignment was only pending the final findings of the investigation.

On Tuesday, during a news conference, the superintendent was called to answer multiple questions regarding the students and whether they were involved in the volleyball team. Licata replied by stating that there was a new process for determining the eligibility of students and that there would be heightened scrutiny in order to ensure that the students were complying with the necessary criteria.

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