Government BREACH – CCP Hackers Hold NOTHING Back!

Photo by Kevin Ku on Unsplash

( – On Wednesday, Microsoft revealed that hackers connected to the Chinese state were able to gain access to email accounts belonging to 25 organizations, including federal agencies. The company did not reveal which organizations, agencies, or governments had fallen victim to the cyberespionage campaign. However, the White House did reveal that the U.S. had informed Microsoft of the incident.

Adam Hodge, the National Security Council spokesman, released a statement on Wednesday noting that the intrusion in the cloud systems had resulted in many unclassified systems being affected. He added that officials immediately informed Microsoft of the incident so that the company could determine where the weakness in their cloud service was.

Jake Sullivan, the National Security Adviser, revealed on “Good Morning America” on ABC that they were able to detect the attack quickly, which ensured that there would be no other breaches.

The attack also seems to have been targeted, and as such, only a limited number of U.S. email accounts were actually affected by the attack. The attack also did not breach the security of the Pentagon, military email accounts, or the Pentagon.

Microsoft has called the hacking group Storm-0558, which forged digital authentication tokens in order to get access to many of the webmail accounts that rely on the Outlook service, The activity first started in May. According to their statement, all those affected by the incident have been contacted so that the company can provide them with information that will aid in their response.

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