Girl Finds Herself In The Center Of Times Square

Photo by Andreas M on Unsplash

( – Last month, a New York City Down Syndrome awareness campaign featured 1-year-old Olivia Chandler. The young girl from Moore, Oklahoma, recently went viral after she saw herself in New York City’s bright lights.

Her mother, Lori Orr, described the experience as “amazing.” As she disclosed to Nextstar’s KFOR, it all started in April, when she saw an application for the National Down Syndrome Society’s Times Square Video Presentation on Facebook. As she shared, it was her daughter’s smile that she believed set her apart, as everywhere they would go, people would state that seeing her smile made them smile.

The annual presentation received around 2,400 entries, and those who were selected to join the project were then featured in an hour-long presentation that was displayed on New York City’s big screen. Orr stated that after submitting the photo, they had to wait four months before finding out that Olivia had been selected.

She added that, as soon as they found out, they decided to book flights and go see it live in New York. The family of four decided to make an excursion out of the whole thing, which ended with Olivia seeing herself on the big screen.

Orr, whose daughter had spent seven months in the hospital after being gone, stated that it “felt great” to have something so positive happen. The photo taken of Olivia in front of the giant screen with her picture has gained more than 255,000 likes on Facebook since its posting.


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