George Stephanopoulos Says What About The Deep State?

Photo by Louis Velazquez on Unsplash

( – George Stephanopoulos, a host for ABC’s “Good Morning America,” is doubling down on his claims that the deep state is “packed with patriots.”

During an event on Thursday, Stephanopoulos discussed his new book “The Situation Room: The Inside Story of Presidents in Crisis.”

While discussing the book with Jonathan Martin, a columnist for Politico, Stephanopoulos declared his appreciation for the “patriots” working behind the scenes.

The ABC host then made similar remarks to the controversial statements he made on “The View,” stating that his biggest takeaway after working on the book is that “the deep state is absolutely packed with patriots.”

Stephanopoulos also complimented President Joe Biden for agreeing to debate former President Donald Trump, sharing that he respected the debate rules to cut off a candidate’s mic once their time expired and refraining from having a live audience as he believed that would limit the spread of Trump’s falsehoods.

He declared he had stopped doing live interviews with Trump because he believed “so much of it is false,” and he couldn’t “keep up with it.”

Stephanopoulos also suggested that he found it challenging to write about Trump because, despite the former President having written plenty about it, many had become “numb to how abnormal it was.”

The remarks with Martin come days after his May 14 appearance on ABC’s “The View,” which gained widespread media attention because he proclaimed that the DIA, CIA, military, Defense Department, and those referred to as the “deep state” were in fact “packed with patriots.”

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