Florida’s Next Governor? Gaetz Eyes Gubernatorial Race!

Photo by Lance Asper on Unsplash

(RestoreAmericanGlory.com) – On Monday, NBC News reported that Florida Republican Representative Matt Gaetz is likely to run in the state’s gubernatorial election in 2026. If he does, he would be looking to succeed Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who became governor in 2018 and is going to term out in 2026.

During his first gubernatorial election run, DeSantis had the support of former President Donald Trump. Much like Gaetz is expected to do, DeSantis has also made the jump from being a representative to becoming governor.

In the report, one Floria Republican operative stated that Gaetz was “100% in” and that he would be the “instant front-runner” in the race.

On Sunday night, Gaetz is reportedly going to be “holding court” with many state Republicans during a designation ceremony for state Rep. Danny Perez.

Gaetz told NBC News that many people had pushed him to run in the gubernatorial election one day, and as in 2026 they will have an exiting governor, this could be a good chance for him. However, he later stated that his full focus was on the 2024 presidential election and on supporting former President Donald Trump.

If Gaetz received Trump’s endorsement in the gubernatorial race, then he could be receiving a lot more support in what is expected to turn into a crowded Republican primary race for the gubernatorial election.

Reportedly, Rep. Byron Donalds, who is another Trump ally, is considering joining the gubernatorial race along with many others. Thus far, Trump has not made any comments regarding the 2026 gubernatorial race.

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