Fani Willis Targeted By Alabama Man

Photo by Marianna Smiley on Unsplash

( – An Alabama man pleaded guilty to charges stemming from threatening voicemails he left for Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis because she investigated former President Donald Trump.

On Tuesday, Arthur Ray Hanson II pleaded guilty to leaving threatening voicemails for Willis late last summer over the investigation into Trump’s alleged election interference. He also left voicemails for Fulton County Sheriff Patrick Labat over the potential of a mugshot being taken of the former President.

Hanson, who resides in Huntsville, Alabama, made the calls on August 6, a week before the August 14 indictment of Trump and 18 co-defendants.

He told U.S. Magistrate Regina Cannon during his plea hearing on Tuesday that his intention wasn’t to harm Willis or Labat. Instead, Hanson insisted he “made a stupid phone call,” and suggested he is “not a violent person.”

Hanson, who called the government customer service line for Fulton County, admitted to leaving the threatening voicemails. In one message to Willis, Hanson warns the District Attorney that when she charges “Trump on that fourth indictment,” she should be “looking over [her] shoulder” whenever she’s alone.

In the voicemail to Labat, Hanson warns that if a mugshot is taken of former President Donald Trump, “some bad s**t’s gonna happen to you.”

Hanson was indicted by a federal grand jury in October on charges of making interstate threats over the phone.

Hanson also admitted to the judge on Tuesday that he made the calls because he was upset by the probe into the former President and hoped his calls would prompt authorities to back down.

He told Judge Cannon that he “didn’t knowingly know” he was “threatening” the recipients of his ire when he made the calls and considered his messages “a warning.”

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