Family ABANDONED – Internet Mob Makes Her PAY!

Photo by Katelyn MacMillan on Unsplash

( – A woman took to Reddit’s famous subreddit “Am I the A-hole” (AITA) on July 4 to question whether she would be wrong to go on vacation instead of attending her brother’s wedding. As she stated in the post, she is a 26-year-old woman whose brother “Tom,” 36, was married to “Sarah.”

She proceeded to explain that she had never been close to her brother because of their age difference, but still, her future sister-in-law had asked her to be at the wedding party. The woman said that she understood this was only a courtesy,”  but that she still got very involved and took everything seriously. As part of her commitments, she has spent $800 on a bridesmaid dress and gone to outings, parties, and other events, spending thousands of dollars.

She revealed that over the two years of planning the wedding, she became close with many of the other girls until the bride decided that she no longer wanted her as a bridesmaid and that instead, her brother’s wife would take the woman’s place.

She added that she did not want to cause any drama, so she said she was fine and then tried to see if she could return the bridesmaid dress. That’s when she found out that the bride had intended to give the dress to the new bridesmaid.

The woman said that was fine, but she would need the $800 to be paid back. Sarah, however, argued that the new bridesmaid could not afford that and that she should just let her wear it for free and then keep it after the wedding. This resulted in some fighting, and the woman took the dress and left.

Finally, the woman revealed that she could return the dress for a refund and decided that she would not attend the wedding as she would instead go on vacation. Everyone online supported her decision and encouraged her to not attend the wedding and go on vacation instead.

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