Ex-CIA Officer Caught Committing HEINOUS Crime!

Photo by Matthew Ansley on Unsplash

(RestoreAmericanGlory.com) – Ex-CIA officer Brian Raymond, who is facing accusations of having drugged and assaulted 25 women, is planning to call University of Nevada professor of psychology Dr. Deborah Davis to testify in his trial.

Davis, whose work is focused on the functioning of human memory under alcohol’s influence, had previously testified in the trials of Ghislaine Maxwell and Bill Cosby. Davis, who will be called as a witness, is going to address the topic of consent when under the influence.

The document further notes that Davis is going to explain that during a period of blackout from alcohol consumption, people could show consent to intimate activity through both verbal and physical action. Davis had been one of the people to testify in the 2022 civil case for Crosby.

Additionally, Dr. Elizabeth Loftus, who testified in Harvey Weinstein’s trial and Ghislaine Maxwell’s human trafficking trial, is going to talk about the “creation of false memories.” The two professors will be called on the stand to attempt to persuade jurors that the memory of the victims is not always reliable.

The investigation into Raymond started in May 2020 after the police responded to reports that there was a naked woman who was screaming at his apartment balcony in Mexico City. The woman has claimed to have no memory of the event and that Raymond drugged and raped her.

Following Raymond’s resignation, FBI agents got warrants for his devices, where they discovered hundreds of photos and videos that showed him molesting women who were unconscious.

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