Dog Thrown From SUV Finally Gets Justice

Photo by Milli on Unsplash

( – A man from North Carolina is facing two charges after he threw a puppy out of an SUV in front of an animal shelter in the state. PAWS Bryson City, in a Sept. 8 Facebook post, noted that while their gates were open, the man had chosen to throw the puppy out of the window.

The post also included a video in which the man could be seen opening and closing the passenger door. He then proceeded to throw the puppy out of the window of his car. The shelter requested the public’s help in identifying the man in the video as well as helping find the puppy.

The animal shelter noted that they wished the person in the video had done the proper thing by walking through their gates so that they could provide him with assistance instead of just throwing the puppy from his vehicle’s window.

The Bryson City Police Department has been identified as David Paul George Jr., 35.

The puppy has also been located. He is malnourished and has both parasites and fleas, as well as two small fractures and several small abrasions. In a Facebook post, the shelter noted that they had many sleepless nights looking for the puppy, but that did not compare to everything he had experienced.

George is facing charges both for animal abandonment and animal cruelty. He is going to appear before a Swain County courtroom on Sept. 26.

The puppy, named “Apollo,” has received a lot of attention following the incident, and many have been interested in adopting him. The shelter had also jokingly stated that he might need to get an agent.

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