Dog Owners Across America Getting Attacked

Photo by leonides ruvalcabar on Unsplash

( – Rigby, a French bulldog mix, was purchased by Alli Wyat and her family last year. The family from Billings, Montana had adopted the dog thinking that he would be a great pet for the family.

In September, while Wyatt was at work, one of her daughters had let the dog head to the backyard. However, while Rigby was there a woman had ended up grabbing the dog and stealing him. The family was devastated after they lost their family pet.

Wyatt revealed to Newsweek that Rigby is a very friendly dog and that as soon as he was in the backyard he had been looking for attention. The woman who stole him had just opened the gate and proceeded to grab Rigby, taking him to her minivan and driving off.

During the ensuing investigation, Wyatt found out that French bulldogs were the most stolen dog breed in the country, and that some of the thieves had even violently attacked the dog owners during the robbery. The market for French bulldogs is very high right now, with the dogs costing thousands of dollars. As such, the small stature of the dogs makes them an easy target for thieves who want to take advantage of this market.

An anonymous tip led to Rigby being found by the Billings Police Department, however, the family has stated that because of the incident, they continue to feel fear about what will happen.

Thieves also target a number of other breeds including German shepherds, shih tzus, Labrador retrievers, golden retrievers, and Yorkshire terriers.

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