Diplomas Are Officially For Sale

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(RestoreAmericanGlory.com) – In a recent investigation, it was found that acquiring a high school diploma in Louisiana can be a swift and affordable process for some, bypassing the traditional four-year educational path. Springfield Prepatory School, a Louisiana-based institution, offers services that cater to Christian homeschooling and adult education. On their website, they detail assistance for adults who have undergone homeschooling to achieve their high school diploma.

The school, which is prominently displayed in the community, advertises various fees for their services. These include $250 for diploma issuance, a $50 application charge, $35 for a diploma cover, and $130 for participation in a graduation ceremony complete with a cap and gown. This information comes from an Associated Press report.

Louisiana hosts over 21,000 students in such unaccredited schools. These institutions differ significantly from public schools, focusing on serving individual homeschooling families rather than large student bodies.

Despite the business-like nature of these services, Springfield Prep’s principal, Kitty Sibley Morrison, insists that their goal isn’t profit-driven. Speaking to the Associated Press and Fox News, she emphasized their mission as a ministry aiding the impoverished in understanding and exercising their homeschooling rights. The school offers support services to facilitate this.

One of the students who benefited from Springfield Prep’s services is Arliya Martin. After facing challenges in the traditional education system and failing to obtain a GED, Martin received her diploma from Springfield Prep, backdated to 2015. However, the Louisiana Department of Education notes that diplomas are typically not awarded retroactively.

The school’s website mentions that young adults up to the age of 21 can receive a state-approved diploma, while older adults are eligible for a private homeschool diploma. In Martin’s case, her diploma erroneously claimed to be approved by the Louisiana Board of Education, a mistake later acknowledged and rectified by Sibley Morrison.

Sibley Morrison defends her school’s practices, stating that she informs families about enrolling in state-approved homeschool programs and stays updated with laws regarding Christian homeschooling. She takes a trusting approach to parents’ judgments on their children’s readiness for the world.

The number of students in Louisiana’s unapproved schools has surged from approximately 11,600 in the 2017-18 academic year to over 21,000 in the 2022–23 academic year, a growth pattern that highlights the increasing preference for alternative educational pathways.

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