Dems Ready To Convict President Biden

Photo by David Veksler on Unsplash

( – Senator Markwayne Mullin (R-OK.) stated on Friday that there were some of his Democratic colleagues who were open to the possibility of President Joe Biden being convicted if he ended up impeached.

On Wednesday, the House GOP managed to gather enough votes to make the impeachment inquiry into President Biden formal. As part of the inquiry, they are looking into Biden’s alleged involvement in the foreign business activities of his family, especially his son Hunter Biden. Both the President and the White House have claimed repeatedly that he has not been involved in the business dealings of his son Hunter at all.

For months, the House Oversight Committee has been looking into the Biden family; however, prior to this week, the Republican Party was having trouble finding the necessary votes to legitimize the probe against the president.

Mullin, during an appearance on Newsmax’s Wake Up America with Rob Finnerty, talked about the current stance of his colleagues following the recent vote to formalize the inquiry. As he argued, when talking with some of the moderate-leaning senators, they would argue that the House is going to be sending an “air-tight case” that will include clear points and evidence that President Biden has broken the law. However, that will only work with those who are looking at the case with a criminal look rather than a bipartisan one.

Mullin added about the Democrats, saying that if a convictable offense was present, then they would be looking at ways to proceed with the conviction. He stated that five different senators had said the same thing regarding this possibility.

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