Democrats Panic, Republicans Get Major Win

Photo by Dirk Spijkers on Unsplash

( – Jeff Landry, the Attorney General of Louisiana, is expected to win the Louisiana gubernatorial race, which would allow the Republicans to win control of the governor’s mansion for the first time since 2016.

In the primary gubernatorial race, Landry had to compete against more than a dozen other candidates. This is because in the gubernatorial election, candidates appear on the ballot regardless of which party they are affiliated with. If none of the candidates manage to receive over 50 percent of the votes, then the race goes on to a runoff election between the two candidates that were in the two top spots.

On Saturday night, Landry managed to win more than half of the votes, which is why he is expected to outright win the gubernatorial race.

Landry has been endorsed by former President Donald Trump and has widely been considered to be the favorite in the gubernatorial race, with many political observers stating that they expect him to face Democrat Shawn Wilson in the second voting round in November.

However, his strong performance on Saturday has given the Republicans momentum as they head into November, where the party is attempting to win the gubernatorial elections in Mississippi and Kentucky.

Currently, the Louisiana Governor is John Bel Edwards, who is the only Democrat in control of the governor’s manor in a state in the Deep South.

John Couvillon, a Louisiana-based pollster, noted that there has not been a high Democratic turnout in this election. He added that, usually, early voting favors the Democrats.

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