Democrats Issue A New Curfew For Who?

Photo by Florian Wehde on Unsplash

( – New York City would be introducing a curfew for migrants following several complaints of panhandling from residents. A city hall spokesperson has confirmed that the curfew would last from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m.

Migrants will be required to check in at the respite centers or homeless shelters that they are residing in. The statement by the spokesperson notes that this policy would allow the city to be able to more efficiently manage the migrants that were under the city’s care.

The New York Post in a report noted that those people who lived close to migrant housing centers had previously complained that the migrants would often go door-to-door begging for clothes and food.

On Monday, the migrant housing residents were informed about the new rules which were effective from Tuesday night.

Joann Ariola, a member of the City Council, told FOX 5 New York that her constituents were “terrified” and that they would often see people they did not know at their doorbell. She added that these people would usually have their children with them, and a phone where they have written their information and have stated that they are immigrants from Floyd Bennett Field asking for money. As Ariola pointed out this was very concerning as oftentimes the people would find the immigrants on their property.

The Floyd Bennett Field tent shelter arrived at James Madison High School to house around 2,000 migrants. Last week, the shelter caused students to need to switch to remote learning.

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