Democrats Erupt Over Hunter Biden’s Guilty Verdict

Photo by Harold Mendoza on Unsplash

( – Democratic Rep. Jim McGovern (Massachusetts), the senior Democrat on the House Rules Committee, blasted his Republican colleagues for accepting the guilty verdict against President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden, after claiming former President Donald Trump’s guilty verdict pointed to the system being rigged.

On Tuesday, a 12-person jury found Hunter Biden guilty on three charges relating to his failure to disclose his drug use when purchasing a firearm in 2018.

McGovern declared the “contrast” between the GOP’s response to Hunter Biden’s conviction and Trump’s conviction “staggering.” He added that if “a Democrat is convicted,” emphasizing that Hunter is the President’s son, “that’s justice,” but that “when a Republican is convicted,” it meant the justice system was weaponized.

The Massachusetts Democrat highlighted that just like Trump, Hunter Biden’s conviction was the result of a jury of his peers finding him guilty, declaring it as proof that the U.S. justice system works.

McGovern then queried how, after Tuesday’s verdict against Hunter Biden, “Republicans in their right mind” could still suggest the Biden administration was “weaponizing” the DOJ “to hurt Republicans and to help Democrats?”

McGovern also pointed to the ongoing prosecution of Democrats Rep. Henry Cuellar (Texas) and Senator Bob Menendez (New Jersey) on charges stemming from their alleged abuse of their offices.

After Hunter Biden’s guilty verdict on Tuesday, President Joe Biden announced he would be accepting the trial’s outcome, despite Hunter revealing he plans to appeal the verdict.

Biden described how “proud” he is of “the man [Hunter] is today,” adding that he would “respect the judicial process” even as his son “considers an appeal.”

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