Democrats Attack House Speaker’s Christian Faith

Photo by Louis Velazquez on Unsplash

( – MSNBC host Jen Psaki, who served as the former White House press secretary, recently mocked House Speaker Mike Johnson, stating that he was a “religious fundamentalist.” During a segment of her show “Inside with Jen Psaki” on Sunday, Psaki argued that at “first glance,” it seemed like Johnson was okay, despite being conservative. However, she argued that this changed when he initiated the “civility caucus with a Democrat.” She proceeded to question how one could threaten someone like that, who wore glasses and a suit.

During her show, Psaki also played a clip of Johnson in which he described himself as being a “Bible-believing Christian.” He proceeded to say that there were people who wondered what his views were on different topics and that for everyone who wanted to know his views, the only thing they would need to do was pick up and read the Bible.

Following the clip, Psaki stated that they had heard this correctly and that the Bible was not just informing Johnson’s worldview but rather “his worldview.”

In an MSNBC article, Psaki also warned the audience that Johnson’s beliefs were not the only reason why he was a scary choice for Speaker. She added that the majority of Americans might be unable to puck “Johnson out of a lineup,” but that this did not mean he was harmless. She added that his political ideology was not the reason why people should be scared, but instead, they should be scared because he was a Christian fundamentalist.

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