Democrat Panic Over Biden Losing Black Vote

Photo by Ian Hutchinson on Unsplash

( – On Wednesday, during an MSNBC interview, Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-S.C.) told Andrea Mitchell that President Biden is not to blame for losing influence over Black voters and that it was all because of “disinformation” and “miscommunication.” 

In recent polls, it was found that former President Donald Trump has been winning ground with Black voters and might end up getting one-fifth of Black voters to support him in the upcoming election. Clyburn warns that they need to be careful as all of this is about “miscommunication.” 

He added that he knows the power of the media in regurgitating things instead of reporting which is causing issues. The Biden surrogate argued that the issue was not with Biden but instead with how people were perceiving the presidential race. 

He pointed out that people are depressed which is leading to votes being suppressed. This is why he is campaigning around the country in order to remind people in the United States of everything that Biden has done for them during his four years in office. 

Both the Trump and Biden campaigns have been trying to reach out to Black voters before the November election. Biden’s campaign has placed more of its focus on touting his accomplishments in the hopes that will win them voters. However, the Trump campaign is taking a different approach by trying to relate to voters. 

Founder of the Black Male Voter Project Mondale Robinson argued that he did not know if there was a way of winning the election without Black men.

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