Democrat Governor Bans Residents From Buying What?

Photo by Michael Baccin on Unsplash

( – Massachusetts Governor Maura Healey announced during the Clinton Global Initiative in New York’s “Climate Week” that her state was going to be the first one to ban state agencies from buying single-use plastic bottles.

As she stated during her keynote speech on Monday, it is the government’s responsibility to stop contributing to climate change, which is why they are going to be banning single-use plastic bottles. She further announced that the ban was going to be part of an executive order that she would sign later that week and pointed out that the plan was going to help protect the oceans and planet.

During her speech, she pointed out that they were all aware of the threats of plastic production and waste in the oceans and climate. As a government, they had the opportunity to put an end to their contributions to this damage and follow a different path in the future.

As she pointed out, her state, which is a coastal state, knows that the greatest threat they are facing is climate change. This is why taking action to ensure a more sustainable future was essential.

According to the Sierra Club, Americans use approximately 50 billion single-serve plastic water bottles each year, while only 29 percent of those end up being recycled. In certain towns in Massachusetts, such as Concord, single-use plastic bags and bottles have been banned in stores. However, Healey’s executive order would make the state the first one to ban state agencies from purchasing drinking bottles. Previous legislation that had attempted to do the same within the state had been held up.

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