Crooked Judge Attacks Trump’s Lawyers

Photo by History in HD on Unsplash

( – In New York, a contentious exchange unfolded during the civil fraud trial involving the former President and his corporate entity as the presiding judge, Arthur Engoron, and Donald Trump’s attorney, Christopher Kise, clashed once more this Thursday. The confrontation arose when Judge Engoron directed Kise to issue an apology for a disparaging remark he made about the lead counsel in the case. This demand sparked a tense interaction that culminated in Kise offering a reluctant apology.

Throughout the lawsuit filed by New York’s Attorney General Letitia James, seeking $250 million on allegations of falsely elevating property values for beneficial loans and tax advantages—a claim firmly denied by Trump—the legal proceedings have been marked by recurrent verbal skirmishes between Kise and the opposition. This legal challenge also implicates Trump’s adult offspring and the Trump Organization.

Amid the presidential campaign for 2024, where he’s a Republican frontrunner, Trump bypassed the third GOP presidential debate, opting to rally his supporters in Hialeah, Florida, instead. He had previously given his deposition in the New York court earlier that week, succeeding his sons’ testimonies and preceding his daughter Ivanka’s.

Post-recess on Thursday, Kise reportedly directed a barb at the attorneys from James’ office, suggesting they seek employment elsewhere, even mockingly referencing positions with Vladimir Putin, as reported by journalist Adam Klasfeld. Judge Engoron condemned the taunt as inappropriate and demanded redress, leading Kise to somewhat retract his words.

Kise, normally known for his professional demeanor as a former Florida solicitor general and lauded by peers like Palm Beach County State Attorney Dave Aronberg, appeared to deviate from his standard conduct. Aronberg speculated that Kise’s behavior might be aimed at appeasing a particular individual.

Adding to the courtroom’s charged atmosphere, Trump himself delivered impassioned testimony earlier in the week, which some attendees characterized as politically charged. In the midst of this, Ivanka Trump provided testimony that shed light on past transactions of the Trump Organization, including email exchanges indicating hesitancy about overrepresenting her father’s wealth for a bank loan.

This trial, scrutinized by the public eye, continues to unfold with dramatic testimonies and exchanges that underscore the high stakes and intense scrutiny under which these legal proceedings are being conducted.

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