Confessions & Consequences – Restaurant Owners Pay Up!

Photo by Jomarc Nicolai Cala on Unsplash

( – California restaurant owners are paying back close to $140,000 in damages and wages to a group of 35 employees who stated that they had attempted to bring a priest that would convince them to confess all of their sins relating to the workplace.

Che Garibaldi Inc., which operates the restaurant Taqueria Garibaldi Mexican in Sacramento, will be required to pay employees following an investigation held by the U.S. Department of Labor. In the press release of the department, they noted that the employees of the restaurant had shared that the business had previously offered them access to a priest that they could go to confess all of their workplace sins.

Other employees claimed that a restaurant manager had falsely stated that the investigation would result in immigration issues being revealed. The employer had also reportedly tried to silence workers and obstruct the progress of the probe so that they would not have to pay any unpaid wages.

The Department of Labor specifically notes that the company and the operators and owners of the business, Hector Manual Martinez Galindo, Eduardo Hernandez, and Alejandro Rodriguez, had consented to the decision made by Judge William B. Shubb in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of California that the employees were going to be compensated following the federal investigation.

According to the testimonies, the priest had been pushing employees to reveal their sins through interrogations about stealing from their employer or taking any other action that could have potentially harmed their bosses.

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