CNN Calls Out Biden For Tricking Black Voters

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – During a recent CNN appearance, Van Jones, a former official in the Obama administration, discussed the quality of jobs available to the Black community, contrasting it with current economic narratives.

Jones, addressing a report highlighting high consumer sentiment since 2021, expressed skepticism about the prevailing positive outlook on employment in the Black community. “People keep telling me about the great employment numbers in the Black community, but the reality is, the jobs are not good,” he remarked, emphasizing the gap between statistical data and the actual job quality experienced by individuals.

He also touched on President Biden’s challenges in maintaining support among Black voters. Citing a poll from November, Jones pointed out that a majority of Black voters are dissatisfied with Biden’s handling of the economy and his efforts to curb inflation. This discontent is reflected in a significant drop in Biden’s approval ratings within the Black community, as per Fox News polling, which shows a decline from 87% in 2021 to 62% in 2023.

Jones noted that Biden seems to have a stronger connection with his base on the topic of abortion. He highlighted the deep frustration and anger generated by stories of women facing dire situations due to restrictive abortion laws. According to Jones, these stories, which resonate strongly with the Democratic base, might lead Biden to perform better in polls than currently anticipated. He suggested that voters’ motivation might stem more from a desire to support American women in jeopardy rather than to bolster Biden or Vice President Harris directly.

Additionally, Jones commented on the growing concern among Democratic voters regarding the treatment of illegal immigrants. The increasing media coverage of the situation in New York City and other Democratic strongholds has brought this issue to the forefront. Jones pointed out that the strategy of sending immigrants to blue states, employed by some Republican governors, is starting to affect the politics within the Democratic Party. This is evident in the response of New York’s mayor, who echoed the challenges that Republican state governors have been raising about managing the influx of migrants.

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