China Submits To Demands Of Top Democrat, CC BY 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – Chinese President Xi Jinping made a shocking move after he condemned the recent violence in Israel and the Gaza Strip following pressure placed on him on Monday by Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), the Senate Majority Leader. The country’s updated statement was released by a spokesperson for the foreign ministry, who stated that they condemned the violence against all people, including civilians in the area. Additionally, it noted that it was necessary for them to restore peace to the issue and get the two sides to agree on a ceasefire.

Following the original statement issued by China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Schumer stated that he was disappointed, as he had hoped for a stronger statement from the ration.

On Monday, in a statement, Schumer stated that he pointed out to President Xi the atrocities that had occurred and that the world needed to show a united front against terrorism and in support of the Israeli people. He further called for both the Chinese president and the Chinese Foreign Minister to release stronger statements in opposition to the attacks. He had also stated that he was “very disappointed” that the Chinese government, in their statement, had not condemned the Hamas attacks on 22 Israeli towns.

On Sunday, China’s foreign ministry stated that they were calling for both sides to be calm and to show restraint in order for the situation to be de-escalated and for civilians to be protected.

Schumer had criticized the initial statement from China’s foreign ministry, arguing that it did not exhibit any sympathy for Israel during these times.

On Monday, Schumer and five other senators met with President Xi in Beijing for 80 minutes.

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