Capitol Riot Footage Reveals Something Interesting

Photo by Colin Lloyd on Unsplash

( – The new security footage from the January 6, 2021, Capitol attack has dealt a blow to one of the conspiracy theories regarding the federal agents involved in the attack.

House Speaker Mike Johnson announced last week that he would be releasing the security footage from the attack, starting off with more than 90 hours of recordings. During the attack, a group of supporters of former President Donald Trump stormed the U.S. Capitol in an attempt to block the certification of the 2020 presidential election which was won by President Joe Biden.

Following the attack there have been over 1,000 people who have been charged for their involvement in the insurrection. Still, there are criticisms from certain conservatives that the Department of Justice (DOJ) has been unfairly targeting the Jan. 6, 2021 rioters while others have raised questions over whether or not there could potentially be some federal agents who were involved in inciting the attack on the Capitol.

Conspiracy theorists have argued that the clip of rioter Kevin Lyons in which he shows an official government identification badge at one of the cameras is proof that federal agents had been there during the attack. However, many have now pointed out that Lyon had a vape and not an identification badge in his hand. This has really been a hit for those who have pushed the theory.

Utah Senator Mike Lee took to X, formerly known as Twitter, where he supported the idea that Lyons was acting as an “undercover federal agent.”

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