Boy Fishes Massive Treasure Out Of Lake

Photo by James Wheeler on Unsplash

( – During a fishing trip, a teen from Minnesota fished out a ‘big fish’ in the form of a wallet containing $2,000 in cash. The wallet had been stuck in the bottom of a lake for a year, and it was an opportunity for the teen to make a new lifelong friend.

Connor Halsa, the teen from Moorehead, Minnesota, pointed out that he had been “shocked” when he pulled up his fishing line to find the wallet during a trip with his family on Lake of the Woods during the July 4th weekend. As he said, he had been fishing for around an hour but had not had any success. However, he then felt something catch on his line and decided to reel it up. As he said while pulling up, he had thought it was going to be a “really big walleye,” bigger than the ones they usually found in the area.

His cousin Brandon was preparing the net for the fish, but when they ended up pulling it out with the net, they found a wallet and not a fish. They proceeded to go through the wallet to determine who it belonged to.

The wallet contained $2,000 in cash, some credit cards, and a driver’s license, and the family immediately knew that they wanted to find the owner of the wallet.

Jim Denney, the owner of the wallet, received the call about his lost wallet on July 2, 2023, and then connected with Christie Klipping, Halsa’s aunt, who let him know that his wallet had been “caught” by her nephew. The family also cleaned up the wallet and sent it back to its owner.

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